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Cortical Scrub: The Colonel's Failure

by Ben Matthews

It's the end of a long, grueling battle between you, the wily Runner, and Tara B., the devious Corporation. You managed to score an early Political Overthrow from HQ, but suffered some serious setbacks from Tara's goon squads for your troubles. In the meantime she also managed to advance a Vapor Ops to extremely serious levels, and scored a PO of her own. The Good News is that the Corp is down to one card left in R&D, which must certainly be the third Political Overthrow. The Bad News is that as soon as Tara draws that card, she'll be able to score it with the 9 counters still left on her Vapor Ops. The Really Bad News is the high levels of protection provided to the Corp by an almost unlimited cash supply and several pieces of dangerous ice. Oh... and don't forget the fact that you're currently broke, and don't even have a sentry breaker installed. Do you have what it takes to get through Tara's defenses to the winning agenda? Good luck, Runner.

Tara B., the Corporation (you will run forts from right to left):
HQ: 30 bits, no cards: Colonel Failure (unrezzed), Data Wall 2.0
R&D: One card left: Quandary, Marionette (unrezzed)
Upgraded with rezzed Antiquated Interface Routines and Crystal Palace Station Grid
Archives: Lots of cards, but no agenda
SDF1: Vapor Ops with 9 counters: Colonel Failure, Mazer

You, the Runner:
Bits: You're broke!
Stack: 0 cards
Trash: Any cards of your choosing
Hand: Three preps (but nothing that can be used to generate bits or pass ice)
Installed Programs: Skeleton Passkeys, Boring Bit
Installed Resources: 2 hidden resources (of your choice, can be two different cards)
Installed Hardware: Microtech Backup Drive (with a sentry breaker of your choice)

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