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The Dioscuri Project

by Douglas "Rabbi Small" Kaufman

Greetings, Netrunner aficionados. A team of dedicated players has been hard at work over the past year (well, we talked about it a little during the summer, actually) creating 6 Corp and 6 Runner meta-cards we've dubbed "Dioscuri." These meta-cards are just like the Magic: The Gathering Vanguard cards - they are dealt, one to each side, before the game begins, and grant an ongoing power or ability during the game. They are supposedly balanced so that they could be used with a sealed or constructed deck.

Herewith we present the first Corp and Runner Dioscuri cards. We'd like for you, the reader, to try playing games with these cards. Use them with sealed decks. Use them with constructed decks. Try playing with just one side having a Dioscuri power. Play with different values from the ones given here (larger starting hand, fewer AI counters-whatever you think might be interesting).

There were some legal questions at one point, about keeping the Dioscuri cards out of publication to avoid issues with Wizards being able to print them someday in their magazine-but at this point I think such issues are irrelevant. So here are the first two cards. Play them, enjoy them, pass the information on to your Netrunner friends.

What We Want From You

First, have fun with them - it's something new for Netrunner, and that's a rare thing these days! Second, please give feedback. Send email to Doug Kaufman, the project leader, at, or send an "email to the editor" for public discussion here within the Top Runners' Quarterly. What sort of feedback? Well, in a word, everything. Are the cards balanced? Are they fun? What changes would you suggest to make them more so? Is the wording clear? Subject to abuse? How could it be changed? Do you like the names? Quotes? Do you have ideas for other Dioscuri (especially Runner!) that these spark? Get involved!

In the next issue of the TRQ, we'll print the next Corp and Runner Dioscuri cards. Then things will get geometrically more interesting!

Thanks for your interest,
Doug Kaufman

The Dioscuri (Part One)

Psychic AI, Inc. - DIOSCURI-Corp

At the start of the game, put 6 Psi counters on Psychic AI, Inc.
Psi Counter: Lower a die roll made by either player by 1. A die roll of less than "1" is treated as a 1. You may use this ability after the die is rolled, but you may only use 1 Psi counter per die roll to be affected.
Psi Counter: Gain 2 bits. You may use this ability only once per turn, and only during your own turn.

Starting Hand: 4
Starting Bits: 3

"But the Devil does dice with Einstein."

Infinite Fax Loop - DIOSCURI-Runner

Infinite Fax Loop starts the games with 2 Paperwork counters.
Paperwork Counter: Prevent an advancement counter from being added to any card. The number of advancement counters being added to the node or agenda cannot be reduced below 1 in this way.
3 Paperwork Counters, A: Corp may not advance any cards during its next turn.
Whenever the corp successfully adds multiple advancement counters to an agenda in a single turn, add one Paperwork counter to Infinite Fax Loop.

"You just tape the ends together, and it faxes forever. Serves 'em right for still using paper!"

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